This is Abigail... and here is her story:

iabgail cute.jpg

I met her at Animal Care & Control shelter in Philadelphia after she was brought in by a Good Samaritan, filthy, horribly emaciated, dehydrated, dull and extremely lethargic.
The shelter staff thought she had been hit by a car because she couldn't stand up.
When I saw her lying in the kennel she didn't even have the strength to lift her head. I offered her treats but she could only blink her eyes. I pet her gently and told her I was going to help her.

We headed directly to our vet hospital where she was evaluated. She had horrible infected ulcers inside her mouth that appeared to be from either chewing metal or an electric cord, or consuming a caustic material.
She was too weak to stand or even object to being examined. She was extremely critical.
Our veterinarian did bloodwork and discovered that she was severely anemic and needed a transfusion immediately.
We rushed her to the ER hospital where she was admitted and we were told her chances were less than 50/50. We were told that she was very close to death when we rescued her. She wouldn't have made it another day.

We prayed as we scrambled to raise funds, as the estimate for her hospital stay was about $2600 to start.
After her transfusion she was still critical and the ER vet decided to x-ray her stomach. There they saw a metallic foreign body. This could explain the anemia. 
The surgeon went in with a scope but wasn't able to get it, so we decided on surgery, and they were able to remove 2 parts of what is believed to be a penny from her stomach and small intestine. This caused zinc toxicity and made her very sick.
Almost immediately her red cell count was normal... But she was still extremely critical and not eating.
After much discussion with the vet staff and a lot of prayer, we decided to go forward with the placement of an NG tube, knowing this meant several more days in the hospital and a few thousand dollars more to raise. Our estimated bill was approx $6,500-$7,000 at this point. 
But I saw that hope in her eyes and I knew we had to try. She deserved a chance to know LOVE.
Once the tube was in, the vets were able to drain off 750ml of nasty bilious stomach acids and start to trickle feed her at 4ml/ hour.
The improvement she showed was amazing. She gained her appetite and finally started to eat small amounts of chicken!

I can't even put into words how incredibly emaciated she was. There is nothing on her at all, only bones. You could feel her spine, hip bones, and every rib. 
But we saw that HOPE in her eyes... and we had to give her the chance to finally experience the life she always deserved!

Thank you, to every one of you who prayed and donated toward her care! We are so blessed to have been able to show her what RESCUED and LOVED really means!
Her total hospital bill was $9,780 and she later also had dental surgery once she was fully recovered.
If you'd like to help us save more special animals like Abigail, a tax-deductible, secure donation can be made HERE, thank you